Saturday, 22 January 2011


There’s a terrific article over at Pulp Metal Magazine penned by the terrific Paul D. Brazill.

Check it out HERE.

And stay a while over there folks; chill out, make a nice cuppa something and take your time checking out some cracking stuff.

Have a great weekend all.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Last night a long awaited email from Ed of BYKER BOOKS popped into my in-box.

A double digit tap and I held my breath.

My story, Say Hello Wave Goodbye, had been accepted for Radgepacket - Tales from the Inner Cities Volume 5.

I was over the blooming moon. I read it twice to make sure.



I’m thrilled, honoured and privileged to be accepted into this anthology. The planned release date is March/April…ish. As soon as I get more news I’ll let you know.

I’ll be interested to see the full list of contributors. I’m sure I’ll be in good company doing what I do best; holding onto the coattails of a talented bunch of authors - all with terrific stories. Congratulations to you all.

If you are not familiar with the books then please check out the last Radgepacket HERE. Go on treat yourself!

As Ed says (and Ed knows best):

“Byker Books will use profits from sales to fund basic operations and new titles (including the Radgepacket series). We’re not evil millionaires. We’re people trying to get good books and new authors out in to the market and we need your help to do that.”

Says it all, Ed.

Byker Books has exciting plans to launch the Radgepacket series as well as their other novels (old and new) in ebook form.

So, great news all round.

I can’t wait to see a story of mine in print for the first time. What a blast that will be. What an inspiration to keep scribbling down the nonsense that is inside my head.


Right-O, I’m off for a celebratory drink or three.

Take good care folks.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


I wanted to post a few words about the book I have just finished reading: Cold Kiss by John Rector.

I’d picked the book up several times and browsed it. Each time, although very tempted to buy a copy, I’d put it back saying to myself, “No! You already have too many books on that darned TBR pile.”

Then I read Keith Rawson’s top five books of 2010 and Cold Kiss was his number one pick. Well, Keith’s review did the trick and I picked up a copy last weekend.

Was I glad I did? Hell yes!

I blasted through the book in five days, which is exceptionally fast for me. I could have cracked it in much less time if it was not a working week and my reading time was limited.

I was also trying to take my time and savour it.

Cold Kiss is Nate and Sara’s story: A young couple who are broke and on the run from the past. A shady hitchhiker offers cold hard cash for a lift. They can’t afford to say no.

As the front cover blurb says: Fear never travels alone...

So, what is it about this book that, in my opinion, makes it so exceptionally good and John Rector so talented?

The narrative is fast paced, tightly plotted and full of suspense with an air of claustrophobic menace. Simon Kernick’s quote on the back cover captures the essence of the story: “You know something bad’s going to happen and just have to keep reading.”

But for me it is also John Rector’s writing style. Clean, hardboiled prose, pared to the bone so that not one gritty word is wasted and dialogue that is sparse and authentic.

Noir with a capital N!

From reading John’s blog it comes as no surprise that Cold Kiss has been optioned for film.

Cold Kiss is a terrific debut and John’s second novel, The Grove, is available in Kindle format – also to shortly be published in paperback.

So, my thanks go to Keith for a fine recommendation and to John for writing a superb book.

I’d recommend Cold Kiss in the blink of an eye and I’m sure Mr Rector will soon be a huge name and bestselling author.

Now, back to that darned TBR pile...

Monday, 3 January 2011


DO SOME DAMAGE has been hosting an inspired Christmas Noir Flash challenge and my effort, Secret Santa, has been posted. You can check it out HERE.

If you have not read the other fine pieces of writing then please spend a while over there and check them all out – the standard has been absolutely terrific. It’s a thrill and an honour to be part of it and a great start to the New Year.

My thanks go to the DSD crew who run a super blog all year round.

Finally, a belated Happy New Year to you all!