Thursday, 1 April 2010


Congratulations go to Paul Grzegorzek; his story, A LONG TIME COMING, is the winning entry. Very well done mate it is a worthy winner.

Second and third places went to GALLANCE by Col Bury and FIRESTORM by Alan Peden. My congratulations go to them and to all the other writers that submitted stories – the standard was very high and I enjoyed reading them all.

A big thank you must also go to Matt for taking the time to run the competition, particularly during what must be a really hectic time for him as his new Joe Hunter novel is launched.

My effort, DIAMONDS AND PEARLS, polled like an expenses fiddling MP caught with his snout in a trough full of used readies. Nonetheless, I had great fun writing it and challenging myself to come up with (hopefully) a fast paced, tongue-in-cheek, hardboiled and pulpy tale. If you fancy having a read then please double digit HERE.

That’s all folks and Happy Easter.


  1. Al,
    Good shout - Pauls story's a cracker n I enjoyed reading them all, including yours.
    Ta very much for the mention, fella.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks Alan, i really enjoyed writing it and the feedback has done my self esteem a world of good! Now if only i could convince the publishing world that my novels are of the same quality i'd be a very happy man indeed. And for the record, i thought diamonds and pearls was ace, mate.

  3. Diamonds and Pearls was/is spot on as well mate and it was a pleasure reading it.

  4. I enjoyed D&P - it was an entertaining read! I'm sure you could work it out into a longer story/novel...........!


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