Friday, 27 August 2010


Radgepacket Volume Four, published by those nice people at Bykerbooks, arrived in the post a few days ago c/o Amazon.

Now, my TBR pile is a little daunting at present but I’d been eagerly awaiting this collection of short fiction and couldn’t resist sampling one straight away...

It had to be Paul Brazill’s The Night Watchman; featuring his Private Investigator from ‘Up North’, Peter Ord.

This was the first time I’d read an Ord story and Ord didn’t disappoint. It has all Paul’s hallmarks stamped over it; a wonderfully descriptive narrative, gritty dialogue sprinkled with deliciously dark humour plus those characters - I ask you, who else would describe a character with a face like a blackcurrant crumble!

I believe this is Paul’s debut in a print anthology although I know he has other stuff up and coming. It’s a fine debut from a talented and prolific writer who I know has a lot more to come in the way of published stories.

There are some super writers involved in this project: Ray Banks, Danny King and Andy Rivers to name just three more.

This should be an entertaining read and great value at £5.99 for 22 stories.

Have a good weekend folks.


  1. Paul always delivers an entertaining tale.

  2. Great shout, Alan. Get your stuff flowing again, mate, and soon!

    Have a great weekend yaself, bud!

  3. Thanks for dropping by gents:

    Yes, PDB always delivers with style.

    I'm working on it!

    Kind regards to both.

  4. Thanks for that, mate! Glad it tickled you!

    I think you'll enjoy more than a few stories in R4.

    BTW I'll be popping 'dahhn sahf' -storywise- soon, with a story set in Fulham!

  5. Another book I'm going to have to buy!!!

  6. Thanks for mentioning me as well!

    I agree though - the 'Radgepacket' collections are always very entertaining and good vfm!

  7. Paul, you’re more than welcome – it’s a super story.

    Matt, thanks for dropping by. I know what you mean, so many great books out there.

    Andy, no problems; I loved Daddy’s Gone – a wicked twist as well.

  8. Paul just has that extra touch that sets him apart. The humour, the control, and, of course, the characters. So prolific, as you say, Alan, I'd snap a collection right up. A young whipper-snapper like myself has learnt loads from reading his stories. And a true gent to boot.

    And 'Daddy's Gone' is a proper blinder of a story too. Andy's audaciously brilliant 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' novel too had me pinned to each and ever page.

  9. All,
    Here's The Nightwatchman by Peter Ord.

  10. Ian, thanks for popping over; I agree with all of your comments. Your stuff is not too shabby either - I thought Little Otis was a blinding story, really well done.

    Paul, thanks for the hat-tip over at your place and for the video link - liked it a lot.

    Kind regards.


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