Friday, 18 March 2011


Some pretty major technical problems have kept me off-line for the last week but I’m relieved they are now sorted and in time for me to post this reminder from Ed at Byker Books:


Just a reminder that the fifth volume in our mighty Radgepacket series hits the streets this weekend and we're celebrating the fact that we've got away with it five times now with a little launchy soiree type thing. We've got a guest speaker (Rod Glenn - proper novelist and proper bloke), some booze, some nibbles, and plenty of banter so come along and meet some of the crew, have a drink and a laugh. What else would you do on a Saturday (19th) man? Ikea? Pah!

The whole Radgepacket series has, over it's short life, attracted praise from various writers and critics - here's a selection of views :-

'Imaginative writing in this collection which offers a sharp critique of the trashy, beer-and-a-kebab culture.' - The Crack

'Top notch stuff. Seriously impressed.' - Ray Banks, Author

'An anthology for those who like their fiction twisted, profane and depraved. Me, I loved it.' - Big Beat from Badsville

'Within these pages you will find gem after gem.' - Sheila Quigley, Author

The launch is at the 'The Back Page' in Newcastle city centre and, for those of you who don’t know it, it's one of Britain’s best (if not the actual best) sports book shops and carries a massive range of books and other sporting paraphernalia, not to mention the friendliest staff you’ll ever meet anywhere…ever!

The full address is:

56 St. Andrews Street
Newcastle upon Tyne,

So come along, have a drink with us, get a copy of the new and improved Radgepacket, get it signed by the contributors in attendance and hear a bit of spiel from my good self – you can even heckle...a little bit. Be nice to see you.




  1. Looks like a good un.Have you got your passport ready to go?

  2. Yes it looks terrific, Paul. Would love to be there but sadly I can't make it.

  3. This series is on quite the roll.

  4. About half way through it. Some seriously talented writers in this series. I feel privileged to appear along side them.

  5. Alan,

    here is a link to my site, there are a few stories which were in radgepacket previously.

    Best regards


  6. Hi Griffy! Can North American readers order this online?


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